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AI NDT: Our Technology


Overview of Artificial Intelligence NDT (AI NDT)

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is set to become fundamental to the operations of every industry sector-wide, it is a technology that offers great promise not just for business improvements but for human-centric innovation. AI utilizes relevant data to automate and amplify human capabilities, eliminate mundane and repetitive tasks, generate additional revenue streams, and enable accurate unbiased decision making and faster time to market.

Due to the rapid changes in the external environment of the market and the fiercely competitive manufacturing technology and quality requirements, the NDT market demands have been turning to be looking for a more intelligent, smart, efficient, stable, and labor-saving in order to meet this trend.

Benefits of Artificial Intelligence Flaw Detection / Robot Defect Recognition solution

PROMAG specializes in customizing flaw detection equipment known as MPI and FPI in NDT field, especially for specific customers' mass production inspection needs. Our team builds the interactive controlled system by the AI deep-learning unit for defect types and the turnkey automated solutions.

Through years of technical development of AI and automation, PROMAG, with the specialty of MPI, FPI, UV-LED, and cleaning system, has engineered Artificial intelligent NDT(AI NDT) smart inspection system solution to upgrade the MPI and FPI inspection capacity, the quality of flaw detection, the accuracy and the stability of MPI and FPI system by integrating machine-learning of AI NDT robot software and defects platform, in which the defects data can be not only stored but also automated feedback to the quality assurance department directly in order to have the management in the company understands the situation and make a better decision based on types of true-defects and also make a change in the manufacturing process to reduce the NG/NOK part’s rate effectively.

Applied Industries

Aerospace, Military&Army, Steel, Automotive.

Applied Field

Forging / Pressing / Forming, Metallurgy, Casting, Machining, Heat-treatment, Thirty-party Lab.

AI NDT: About Us


Values of AI NDT

PROMAG would like to bring the value of AI solutions to our end-users while facing a large quantity inspection in Magnetic Particle Inspection (MPI) equipment and Fluorescent Penetrant Inspection (FPI) system.

Artificial Intelligence Non-destructive Testing (AI NDT) Inspection

For more and more client’s high-volume and large-quantity NDT (EX: MPI / FPI...) inspection demands, PROMAG has successfully developed and built the Artificial Intelligent NDT (AI NDT) software for service and process control, technical data management, defects recognition, and automated system solution, especially in Magnetic Particle Inspection (MPI) equipment & Fluorescent Penetrant Testing Inspection (FPI) System to meet the fully-automated detection goal.

AI NDT: About Us


AI NDT Innovations

PROMAG Artificial Intelligence Non-destructive Testing Solutions Innovation and Development

  • Artificial Intelligence Magnetic Particle Testing Inspection (AI MPI)

  • Artificial Intelligence Fluorescent Penetrant Testing Inspection (AI FPI)

  • Artificial Intelligence (AI) Robot Defect Recognition System (AI Robot)

  • Particular Customized for the client who looks for high-volume, fully automated, self-learning & improving, and intelligent communication systems. It can effectively fulfill production efficiency, reducing the number of inspection personnel, the workload of inspectors, the risk of parts defect-missing, and costs.

  • To upgrade the inspection quality, system stability, and accuracy.

  • To upgrade the inspection schedule and delivery efficiency.

  • To enjoy the advantage of defect statistics, analysis, and evaluation feedback to the manufacturing and production department for processing improvement efficiency.

  • To have the Part Technical Data Sheet function for part ID building and future safety and standard and technique traceability.

AI NDT.png
AI NDT: About Us

AI Robot

AI (Artificial Intelligence) Robot Defect Recognition System

For different industries, parts, and visual-related works, PROMAG to especially developing, customizing, and Artificial Intelligence Checking

  • AI machine-learning-based software with advanced PLC connecting with CCDs for detection.

  • System Integration with MPI or FPI or transportation for the fully automated solutions. causing analysis.

  • Building the database of parts’ defects to enable lasting deep-learning, causing analysis and creating core competence of QA and NDT in the company.

AI NDT: About Us
AI NDT: About Us

PROMAG AI MPI equipment and AI FPI system can be able to provide a fully automation inspection and defect recognition solution.

  • To help reducing inspection overhead cost for company.

  • To assist in lowering inspection loading for operators.

  • Connecting with production line, finding real causing of defects to resolve in very beginning.

  • To satisfy clients with the fully automated MPI and FPI system solution empowered by AI MPI and FPI defect recognition for large quantity inspection demand.


  • Magnetic Particle Inspection (MPI) equipment and Fluorescent Penetrant Inspection (FPI) combines with AI machine learning-based model.

  • Able to inspect different types of defects in seconds at the same time, for example: - Defects caused by raw material or metal-forming, machining and manufacturing process. - Tree type(tree-shaped) defect caused by quenching crack.

  • Support different shapes of components by providing customized solutions. (Note: Different shapes might need different AI unit models.)

  • Support inspection under specialized UV LED or normal light.

  • Defect images may be stored and sent back to PROMAG AI Robot cloud for deep-learning as well as accuracy improvement.

  • Optional customization to send inspection result data to external DB system.

AI NDT: About Us
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